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The past... The present... The future...




“We learnt it from our parents…

They showed us…

They fed us…

We have nurtured it…

Valentines Artisan Sourdough

The Past, The Present and The Future"

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Our Bakery

The Valentine's artisan sourdough bakery and coffee shop operates out of three locations - Rutherglen, Albury and Wodonga.


We are passionate about sourdough and the lost traditions of our baking ancestors. Using locally-sourced ingredients, we serve delicious, daily-baked breads, fresh lunches, hearty sandwiches, homemade cakes and delicious locally roasted White Owl Coffee. 


Our delicious crusty robust breads have a complex aroma, a well baked appearance and a chewy satisfying texture.

Browse the shelves and gather round the communal table to enjoy something from our daily breakfast and lunch selection.


Our Products

Sourdough is the base to all Valentines breads. The sourdough, which was started in 1969. Is a bacterial culture which is fed daily with rye flour and water. This sourdough starter creates ferment and eliminates the need of artificial preservatives.


Valentines breads do not use any animal fats, dairy, sugar, artificial preservatives or mould inhibitors. We also use high quality chemical free Aussie flour from family run business Wholegrain Milling Co. The result - tastier, healthier and quality bread. Variance in sour content creates different textures and different flavours – the artisan loaves are baked in a traditional stone sole baked oven.

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